The Vines

In 2013 Walker Vineyard expanded from a single vineyard to two just three-quarters of a mile apart. This new vineyard allowed for Lloyd and Ann to plant new varietals, and expand in an area with a slightly different soil type and topography. Today, a total of six different varietals can be found on the 20 acre slopes of the old and new vineyards:

  • Zinfandel – 10.5 acres
  • Barbera – 8 acres
  • Chardonnay – 3.9 acres
  • Petit Syrah – 2 acres
  • Sauvignon Blanc – 1.5 acres
  • Reisling – 1 acre

Rootstock and Clones

The old vineyard was planted on its own root, with Zinfandel vines originating from the Zuckerman Mansfield nursery back in the 1960’s. In subsequent replanting in the old vineyard, and plantings of vines in the new vineyard, Lloyd and Ann utilized a variety of different rootstocks. These new rootstocks and clones were selected based on the soil requirements of the vineyard they were destined to be planted in, and the desired vigor for specific blocks.


  • Zinfandel: St. George
  • Petit Syrah & Reisling: 101-14
  • Chardonnay: 1103-P
  • Sauvignon Blanc: 3309


  • New vineyard’s Sauvignon Blanc: FPS-01.1
  • New vineyard’s Chardonnay: WENTE-72
  • New vineyard’s Barbera: VCR-15
  • New vineyard’s Petit Syrah: FPS-3
  • Reisling: FPS-17


The new vineyard has 10 acres of land available for potential new planting, but there are no immediate plans for future expansion. In the old vineyard, 4.5 acres of original vines that are being considered for replanting due to production decrease. Additionally, 2.5 acres of head-trained old vine Zinfandel have been started on a fertilization program to revitalize the vines and increase production. There are also 2 acres of free space in the old vineyard open for new planting, however it is still under consideration which varietals would be the most desirable to local markets.