Our Story

Severin Walker, a hard working Swiss immigrant, and his decision to start a dairy back in 1908 is where our story begins. In the true Walker way, he built the barn before the house and started the over a century long tradition of farming our land.

After 60 years, Severin’s grandson Lloyd and his wife Claudia planted the first vines of Walker Vineyard out in the old hay field in 1968. Finding that Zinfandel and Chenin Blanc thrived, seventeen and a half acres of grape vines striped the landscape amidst the oak and walnut trees by 1975.

Today, Lloyd’s daughter Ann and her husband Tim have become partners in the business, and his grandchildren can be found tending the vines. In 2013 a new vineyard was planted just three quarters of a mile from the original, introducing new varietals and additional space for expansion.

Mirroring her great grandfather’s choice over 100 years before her, Ann moved onto the property in 2016. She and Tim built a farm house right beside the new vines, and continue to work in partnership with Lloyd to keep Walker Vineyard thriving.